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Attorney Walter E. Bak
Investment Advisor Representative

7 Conz Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Phone: (413)-584-7836
Toll Free: (888)-925-8225
Fax: (413)-582-0127
Email: info@attybak.com

About Us
Walter E. Bak has been practicing law in Northampton, MA since 1983. He specializes in the area of Estate Planning specifically dealing with issues as they relate to Elder Law, Medicaid, Probate Estate Administration and Taxation. Attorney Bak takes an innovative Trust-Based approach to Estate Planning and structures plans to meet the individual goals of you and your family. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Walter E. Bak and his staff are dedicated to protecting and preserving your assets with guarentees and producing income that you can not outlive, while meeting families estate planning needs.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC. An SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Estate Planning is more than just a will...

A good estate plan not only distributes your assets upon your death, but it helps you to control and protect your assets during your lifetime.

Here are some other benefits to a well constructed estate plan:

  • Possibly avoid probate of your estate upon your death
  • Minimize your total legal fees
  • Avoid unnecessary capital gains taxes
  • Eliminate the requirement of public notices
  • Keep your plan of distribution private
  • Establish documents that are acceptable in all states
  • Manage and control your own assets
  • Provide for management of your assets by a person of your choice if you are no longer able
  • Allow for optimum tax planning using federal and state income, gift and tax law
  • Provide creditor protection for your beneficiaries

  • If you are interested in making any of these goals your own, please contact my office to set up a free consultation.